redesign the impossible

Treating pressing medical conditions
without the conditionals

Many drugs can trigger serious side effects due to their chemical structure. At BioNanoSim we redesign these medicines using our proprietary nano-encapsulation technology. We make them significantly better than the original form with improved potency and less risk.

Operating in multiple verticals simultaneously

Our core nanotechnologies allow us to reformulate existing drugs for improved delivery, design new routes of administration, and create completely new therapeutic products and new chemical entities.
We serve the most pressing market needs by focusing on a growing number of areas:

  • Reformulating drugs as eye drops for a new delivery route
  • Blocking CB1 receptors without triggering psychiatric disorders
  • Redesigning new anti-cancer platinum IV drugs with improved performance
  • Addressing the need for topical treatment of many conditions with CBD

Redesigning drugs with nanocarriers is what we do

BioNanoSim is led by Prof. Simon Benita who has decades of scientific expertise as well as proven commercial success in bringing nanoparticle-based products to market. The latest, InkervisTM, a treatment for dry eye syndrome, was acquired and launched by Santen in 2015.